Situated just 1 mile from downtown Ann Arbor

Welcoming traveling
healthcare professionals.

Coliving Spaces for Traveling Nurses

Experience our exceptional level of service at 4M Stays through our dedicated concierge app, designed to provide seamless assistance during your stay. With features like chat support, stay details, and easy assistance requests, everything you need is conveniently located in one place. Our attentive concierge team is always just a tap away, ensuring that you receive the best quality care and assistance throughout your time in Ann Arbor.


Short term and long term rentals

Short-Term Living: Whether you'll be in Ann Arbor for a night, a week, or a month, we can accommodate your changing plans. We offer flexible options and are happy to extend your stay. Experience exceptional hospitality, regardless of your duration.

Long-Term Living:
Inquire about our diverse range of properties in our convenient 15-minute neighborhood. Contact us to schedule a tour and secure your ideal long-term rental today.


Mobility + Proximity

Electric Car Fleet: Discover the convenience of our private fleet of electric vehicles available for members and guests to book on-demand, eliminating the need for car rentals and rethinking the necessity of car ownership altogether.

Hospital Proximity: We are conveniently situated less than 10 minutes away from the University of Michigan Hospital.

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Fully Furnished Living Spaces

Furnished Living Spaces: We understand the unique needs of traveling nurses and offer fully furnished stay options designed specifically for healthcare professionals on travel assignments.

Comfortable Accommodations: Our accommodations provide the comfort and convenience you require, ensuring a seamless transition during your stay as a traveling nurse.


Modern Support and Countless Amenities

Modern Support: Our concierge app offers a convenient way to chat, access stay details, and request assistance, providing the best care in Ann Arbor. Experience our pride in service with just a tap.

Countless Amenities:
Enjoy countless amenities like shuttle services to popular locations like Venue, our restaurant, event space, and coworking space all in one.

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